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Documentation for Subversion (sometimes referred to as "SVN") is available here.

Anonymous Subversion Access

This project's SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous access with the following command(s).

svn checkout --username anonsvn https://scm.fsl.cenditel.gob.ve/svn/said/trunk

The password is 'anonsvn'

Developer Subversion Access via DAV

Only project developers can access the SVN tree via this method. Substitute developername with the proper values. Enter your site password when prompted.

svn checkout --username developername https://scm.fsl.cenditel.gob.ve/svn/said/trunk

Repository History
Data about current and past states of the repository
Repository Statistics
Name Adds Commits
Leonardo J. Caballero G.1534711445
Roldan D. Vargas G.7237669
Solazver Solé Alvarez6243060
Joger Quintero420773
Alexander Olivares238666
Reinaldo Carrasquero77603
Rosana Briceno219245
Adriana Rivera94317
Oscar Mogollón54138
Javier E. Pérez P.7394
Linda Martinez0115
rafael orlando rosario bastidas1295
simon andres parra ramirez56
Antonio Padrón06
Erika Veliz42
María Virginia Espinoza 05
Daniel Bordones03
Ana Sayago01
Hector Colina10
Subversion Repository Browser

Browsing the Subversion tree gives you a view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository.

[Browse Subversion Repository]

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